What’s the Cheapest Dollar Store Around?


Are you looking for easy ways to save money? Well, one of the key aspects to start with is your everyday household shopping. While the online shopping boom has seen an exponential increase in the last few years, it does not always necessarily offer the cheapest deals. Good old dollar store to the rescue.

All dollar stores, however, are not made equal. Some are slightly costlier than the others. So, what’s the cheapest dollar store around? You have come to the right place for the answer to that question.

Finding the right dollar store could help you save significant amounts from your paycheck. The top three cheapest dollar stores are evaluated below for you to save those extra dollars. All you need to do is visit the one that is right for your needs and watch your savings pile up.

1Five Below

five below store

Everything here is below $5. So, it is technically not a dollar store but when you shop in bulk, the total amount you spend makes a difference. Five Below has more than 625 stores and they are continuing to add more. So, what could you buy there? School supplies such as notebooks, backpacks, and other items are all below $5. Are you shopping for headphones, toys, and games? No problem, you will find them here.

You could also decorate your home with quality rugs, pillows, sheets, all under $5. You could count on the store to get some cheap but good quality clothes and shoes as well. Other daily essentials such as toothbrushes, first-aid kits, etc. are all available under $5. If you have kids, this could be your go-to store for the bags of candy that they continue to demand.

2Dollar Tree

dollar tree store

If you are familiar with the name of Family Dollar and know that it provided value for money, well, here is good news. Dollar Tree has acquired Family Dollar and is now a chain with around 14000 stores. So, you are likely to find one close to wherever you live. The products are more or less similar to those found in Five Below, including school supplies, toys, and games. Electronics are available under $1, so you save quite a bit on those.

Everyday wear such as plain t-shirts and socks are also available. They do stock cheap essentials such as toothbrushes. Their supply of vitamins, medicines, and first-aid items are more than Five Below. Canned and frozen foods under $1 is also an advantage over Five Below, as the latter does not have any food items except candy.

3Dollar General

dollar general store

Dollar General is an even bigger name than Dollar Tree, with more than 15000 stores across the nation. Do they provide the same value? Let us find out. They do have clearance sales now and then, but not many options on the school supplies. Electronics are available but are costlier than those in the other two stores.

Toys, games, and home decor are, on the other hand, reasonably priced. Its stock of food products is larger than that of the other two stores, but the items available are costlier. Overall, the store is bigger and has more products, but is not so much value-for-money.

Where Do You Go? Cheapest Dollar Store Verdict

Although you might want to go to the different dollar stores to buy different items and also base your visit on which one is closest to your home, if savings are your primary concern, then you are right to ask the question – what’s the cheapest dollar store around?

Here is the verdict. When similar items are purchased at the three stores, Five Below proves to be the cheapest, followed by Dollar Tree, and then Dollar General. Additionally, Five Below provides quality products so you would not feel that you purchased something low- grade just so you could save some money. Finally, no matter which you ultimately go to, it will still be a lot cheaper than buying the same things online. Visit your nearest today to efficiently save up your hard-earned cash.

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