35 Top Ways To Make Extra Money Online


It is amazing how fast change takes place. Making money online was a concept that was so unheard of in the past few decades. But now, online work is now widely accepted by the global community as normal work. This is not by accident as there are countless ways of making money online that have been proven to work one hundred percent of the time. This guide, therefore, highlights 35 ways to make extra money online.

1Writing articles

You could write for online companies that want to market stuff on their websites or blogs. Most companies such as freelancer pay writers well to do this work on their behalf since they want their web content up to date all the time. For a minimum of 1.25$ for 150 words, you can write articles for top freelance companies as a standard writer.

2Affiliate marketing

This is a form of marketing where you promote products that you don’t actually own. You can make a killing if you market goods for well-established and reputable online retailers such as eBay and Amazon. These companies pay very good commissions which can help suit your financial needs and make extra money online.


This method is only for serious people. Blogging involves writing web content such as blog articles. For successful blogging, the markets must be targeted accurately with content matching the burning needs of customers. Start by identifying a profitable market niche and have a suitable domain name and capitalize by market your products.

4Email Marketing

This entails the creation of an email list that you will be emailing your offers. Each subscriber can earn you a minimum of $1 a month so you have to maximize the numbers of subscribers to make good returns. This, of course, is if only you can deliver value to your subscribers and avoid being too boring with frequent emails.


You might become a billionaire by doing business online. It involves developing a website or having one developed for you and using it to market physical products of your choice. The internet has a wide customer base for any business owner who wants success.

6Online Coaching

You can be making money online either full-time or part-time by creating training videos and posting them online. Training can be in any field that interests you and it can be in the form of e-books and online courses/programs too. Platforms such as YouTube can be very useful in this case.

7Online Surveys

This is an easy and fast way of making money where you just contribute your views in public focus groups and surveys. For instance, companies pay to get useful views you may have about a certain product.

8Be a Social Media Influencer

Being on social media should help you earn money. sites such as Instagram can make you rich if you have a huge number of followers since companies would want to take advantage of that. All that is needed is good and unique content and a target market.

9Answer Professional Questions

If you are an expert in any field, you can utilize your knowledge and expertise to earn money. Some websites can offer you such opportunities as long as you verified and meet some required qualifications.

10Be a Virtual Assistant

This is for people who love being organized. The job helps too busy people to organize their schedules, do research, book flights, manage email, among other functions.


This is the transformation of audio and video information into text for easy reading. Hourly earnings can go to as high as $25/hour.

12Article Proofreads and Rewrites

This means editing articles to correct errors for decent hourly earnings depending on the company.

13Writing Reviews of Places Visited

Sites such as Vindale Research and many others can pay you good amounts of money for this.

14Data Entry

If you are a typing and research guru, you can make good money on sites such as Upwork that pay on an hourly basis.

15Maintaining Celebrity Fan Pages

You can manage Facebook and Twitter accounts of music artists, actors, politicians and other influential people for good money.

16Sell Beats Online

SoundCloud, Airbit and also your own website can help you generate money from beats that you make yourself.

17Being an Online Agent

If you have too much workload, you may delegate some tasks to other capable people so you can earn more money as you focus on other important activities.

18Video Editing

It’s about successfully making money from video content worthy of views facilitated by editing skills and resource availability.

19Online Consultancy

You can make good cash by offering online marketing services, such as SEO, to small business owners.

20Online Workshops

Here, your training skills, knowledge and expertise may help since you can create webinars and sell the online to companies that will pay you good money for them.

21Notarizing Documents

This is converting formal documents into note form.

22Create Cooking Tutorials

You can make good use of your cooking skills by creating quality cooking videos and posting them online if you have a large following.

23Online Fitness Coaching

Perform exercises live online to be fit and earn a great following translating into money.

24Online Handyman Services

Earn money from simple tasks advertised online such as running errands, picking and delivery, and moving.

25Trading in Stocks

Investing with the help of a broker is much profitable since high risks endeavors often give high returns.

26Sell or Rent Items Online

If you are broke, you can sell items you don’t need or rent them out to save your situation.


Pictures taken with your smartphone or camera can be converted into money if you sell them to online companies that need them.

28Graphic Design

Using digital art software, you can teach people how to do graphic design and earn money.

29Create Video Games

There is a myriad of video game creation software that you can use to do projects and publish to earn money.


Inspire and mentor people from your experiences to earn good money in the long run.

31Social Media Influencing

Have a good following of at least 1000 followers if you want to effectively market products for companies for good money.

32Social Media Motion Managing

Apart from sharing memes and thoughts, share quality and uniquely edited videos that can sell.

33Application Development

Design and create software and publish on reputable platforms for downloads that transform into money.

34Work Remotely

Some online customer support companies, for example, can allow you to work wherever and whenever you want as they pay you good money.

35Website Testing

Developers will pay you for your feedback concerning how their website feels like as you use it.


The above ways are just the tip of the iceberg on how to make extra money online and get yourself to financial freedom. Your online work can indeed be a complete substitute for your regular 9 to 5 job without any regrets. Use the tips discussed here to learn more about how to make extra money online.