Top 10 Work From Home Jobs


Traditional 9-5 jobs within cubicles and offices are no longer the norm. People are finding ways to earn six-figure salaries right from the comfort of their homes. Work from home jobs have become a very popular career path that allows people to be their bosses and work on their own time.

There are different kinds of work from home jobs that allow people to earn money either as their main source of revenue or as a side hustle. Getting financially literate along with a couple of work from home gigs and you’ll find yourself growing your bank balance in no time, all without slogging under somebody who doesn’t care about your health or wellbeing.

1Freelance Writer

freelance writer

If you have a stronghold over any one language and feel that creativity and content creation comes easy to you, a freelance writing gig might be the apt work from home jobs. There are loads of sites and bloggers that need content on their site but do not have creators capable of writing content. This is where a freelance writer comes into play. These jobs usually pay per word or by the hour and can easily generate an income that can replace a full-time office income. Freelance writers can also ghostwrite books for people/companies.

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2Freelance Developer

Similar to writing, this too follows a similar workflow. If you find yourself having a knack for coding and display above-average logical reasoning, a freelance developer gig might do the trick. Many clients require iOS/Android apps, games, software, etc. but do not have the relevant skills to do so. As a developer, you would take on this responsibility. The client will specify their requirements and as a developer, you will be paid either for the project as a whole or based on work done per hour.

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online transcriptionist

This is another work from home job that requires nothing but a functioning laptop, headset, and a sound ear. A transcriptionist is responsible for converting audio to text. As long as you have an above-average typing speed, you can expect to earn a decent source of income. It requires very little technical skills and mere knowledge of software like Happy Scribe.

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4Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Virtual assistants have become a very popular work from a job in the recent past. People are too busy to handle everything on their own. Such people require a virtual assistant to schedule their appointments, take calls from people, make notes and reminders, etc. The list goes on and the possibilities are endless.

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5Amazon Affiliate Program Associate

The Amazon Affiliate Program allows for influencers and people who have a decent following to earn a passive income by promoting products on Amazon. Every AAP Associate provides links to different products on their platform, be it Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. The best part of this work from home job is that the earnings are recurring.


online blogger

Blogging and Vlogging have become another very profitable option for people looking to work from the comfort of their homes. For blogging, all you need is a niche to write about and a blog to put it into. For vlogging, YouTube has become the go-to option with many creators making hundreds and thousands of dollars just off ad revenue.


In a world where everyone is looking to connect internationally, translation becomes key. A translator receives either text or audio in one particular language and translates it into the client’s requested language for a fee. The pay is usually done per hour, per word or minute of audio translated. Similar to transcription, having a strong command over language (in this case at least two) is key to success.

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8Data Entry Agent

data entry

Data is increasing exponentially online and offline. With all the data floating around, people are required to fill these data into proper databases and other systems. This is where a Data Entry Specialist comes into play. All that they require is a good typing speed and common sense, two requirements that can easily be improved upon. It is a very convenient work from home jobs.

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9Social Media Manager

social media

Social media is a growing trend and most often, creators are good at creation but not managing. A social media manager takes control of how the content the creator creates is shown on respective platforms. This is a very lucrative work from home option since social media is a money minting machine. Hence a part of that to manage an account is still a decent earning. Most influencers nowadays have a social media manager.

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10Online Tutor

online teacher

Tutoring is another option that doesn’t require moving out of the house. With services like Skype, Classroom and Google Hangouts, teaching students has never been easier. The demand is high and hence online tutors can be expected to earn very high payouts. All that is needed is a functioning laptop with a headset and mic and also proficiency in the subject chosen to teach.

Here are more online tutoring jobs.

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Whatever said and done, it is very clear that there is a multitude of work from home jobs. These are just the top 10 work from home jobs that have been handpicked after being tried and tested. There are many other ways by which it is possible to sit and earn money right from the comfort of your home and pajamas. A strong work ethic, a passion for the job being done, and a positive outlook towards such jobs is all that’s needed to succeed in this area.

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What kind of work can I do from home?

10 Jobs you can do from home

1. Freelance writer
2. Freelance developer
3. Transcriptionist
4. Virtual assistant
5. Blogger/Vlogger
6. Translator
7. Data entry
8. Social Media Manager
9. Online tutoring
10. Amazon Affiliate Program Associate

How can I make a living from home?

How to earn money from home:

1. Do freelance writing
2. Do web development work
3. Be a transcriptionist
4. Be a virtual assistant
5. Write a blog
6. Do translations
7. Provide data entry
8. Manage social media accounts
9. Online tutoring
10. Be part of the Amazon Affiliate Program

Can you make a living on YouTube?

The short answer is yes. You have the ability to create content, build an audience and get monetize that content enough so you can make a living out of making videos and uploading them on YouTube.