13 Legit Ways to Get Free Money Online


Opportunities to earn Free Money Online are abundant and relatively easy to find. These opportunities are there to generate additional income with a 9-5 job. These online jobs are easy to start and have enough potential to provide a significant stream of passive income. These jobs need a good internet connection, a laptop, or a smartphone. Some of them discussed below:

1Take Online Surveys

online survey

Many online research companies and brands are willing to pay in exchange for some short reviews. Some companies even send their products for feedbacks and give free money for this. This is a great way to get free money online.

2Testing Websites

website user testing

Many companies are always looking for people who can test their websites and give valuable feedback. By giving these opinions or feedbacks you can earn cash with little effort.

3Become a Blogger

online blogger

If you are good at writing then start writing blogs. The best thing is that you do not need any higher qualification and degree to become a blogger. Blogging consistently will help build a side business and grow a steady passive income.

4Become a Proofreader


If you are good at grammar, then it’s time to put your skills in excellent use. You may earn online money by becoming a proofreader. There is a lot of websites which hires a freelancer proofreader to make sure their content is spelled correctly.

5Conduct Online Searches

online search

There are many search engines that pay money for conducting searches on their search engine to monitor the results and help them keep a good user experience.

6Become an Online Teacher

online teacher

If you are having a good command over your subject, you may teach it online. The best thing is that you do not need to be a trained teacher to get started. Teach and inspire your students via online courses.

7Data Entry

data entry

This is one of the best online jobs through which you can earn money. You can use your fast and accurate typing skills to add different data points to a platform.

8Freelance Writer

freelance writer

Freelance writing jobs are plentiful, which helps you to earn online money regularly. Many companies, bloggers and websites are always searching for a good freelance writer who can write for them bespoke content.

9Become a Transcriptionist

online transcriptionist

If you are an attentive listener, fast and accurate in typing, and good at grammar then you can be a good transcriptionist. You can work full time or part-time according to your flexibility from the comfort of your home.

10Become a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant is a demanding job nowadays because there are many small business online. A lot of these business owners need someone that can manage their administrative tasks. To become a virtual assistant all you need is a computer and internet connection. You will get paid on the basis of your skills.

11Become a Graphic Designer

graphic designer

If you are creative and like drawing, then learning graphic design is not far off. Many companies hire a graphic designer to design their logo, business card, web graphics, and posters to make sure their company is looking well. Take advantage of this need and you can use it to earn extra cash.

12Sell Lesson Plans

If you have a command in your favorite subject, then it is the best time to use your skills and sell your lesson plans and strategies to new teachers.

13Become a Calligrapher

If you are creative and have calligraphy skills, then use these skills to earn free money online. Many companies hire online calligraphers to do hand lettering on invitation cards, wedding cards, among others.

Some Websites for online jobs-


In this modern generation, it’s possible to earn free money with very little effort. All you need is internet access, a computer and some time. With this, you can earn free money online in some legit ways.

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